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November 7th, 2017

TYVEK Reflex membrane

The TYVEK Reflex membrane is a premium membrane used for buildings both made using steel and timber.                                              Image result for tyvek reflex membrane breathable

The membrane is designed so that it will reduce convective heat loss in the winter when the temperature is cool outside and to  reflect radiant heat in the summer leading to a more improved thermal efficiency for the building.

The makeup of the tyvek membrane  is off a water resistant material which has a metalised surface,This results in low emmistivity levels.

Along with the membrane being light and water resistant

With  its vapor open properties that helps to create an efficient building to save you money in the running cost of the building and will also increase the lifespan of the building.

The membrane reflect  88% of radiating heat resulting in a  greater thermal comfort and a better air tightness for the building along with an improved u value overall.

Tyvek Reflex Insulating Breather Membrane, a low emissivity, insulating, membrane for external walls in timber-frame constructions


More About The Roll-

Size -2.7 wide and 100m long (Therfore the coverage is 270m2)
Material used -High density polythene with a metallised surface
Roll weight: 23KG
UV Exposure: 4 months
Water Vapour transmission (Sd): 0.03m
BBA Certificate: 90/2548

Why go for the tyvek membrane-

Low emissivity value of 0.12

reflecting 88% of radiating heat in the summer this will keep building cool
Easy to install/use

Meets Quality Standards Including-

  • Fully BBA, BRE and TRADA certified
  • approved by UKTFA
  • CE marked

The minimum order for this product is set at  only one roll

The price starts from £380 + VAT

Although this does include FREE delivery.


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