March 12th, 2015

Tyvek airguard reflective membrane

DUPONT Tyvek airguard reflective membrane is an internal vapour barrier with a metallised face that can boost thermal insulation due to its innovative properties. When combined with an airgap, this membrane can help heat buildings by reflecting up to 95% of the heat which is normally lost by convection. This vapour control layer is 100% airtight and works best when combined with other Tyvek products such as Tyvek metallised tape. This product can help lower U Values in various elements of the building and will considerably reduce the risk of interstitial condensation by reflecting radiant heat.


This product is BBA approved and measures 1.5x50m, it has a fixed sd value of 2000m and has a very low emissivity value of 0.05. It is recommended that the reflective side of the membrane is facing inwards with a 25mm batten fixed over the membrane .

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