September 27th, 2019

The DuPont Air Reflective Membrane

The DuPont Air Guard Reflective membrane  is a 100% air tight & vapour control layer.

The membrane is made with a metallised surface which has a very low emissivity.

This combined with a non-ventilated airspace significantly boosts thermal insulation in a building.

It can be installed in roofs,within the walls as you can see below .It can also be used  below ceilings.

Using the membrane and ensuring the joints are sealed properly using the tyvek airtight tape will allow for the following:

  • Thermal comfort – it provides protection against heat loss by radiation and convection.
  • An efficient moisture management – it provides effective control against interstitial condensation both by diffusion and by convection.

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There are many benefits which are as follows:

  1. Rated fire class E
  2. Significantly reduces the risk of condensation into the insulation
  3. Drastically reduces convective heat losses
  4. Highly vapour resistant
  5. Airtight & water resistant
  6. CE-conformity for plastic & rubber vapour control layer
  7. Reflects ca. 95% of radiant heat
  8. Impressive mechanical strength

More specifics about the roll

  • Make up – Mixture of polypropylene, polyethylene and an aluminium foil
  • Roll size – 1.5 m x 50 m (WIDTH X LENGTH)
  • Roll Total Area Covered = 75m
  • weight per roll  – 11 kg
  • Mass per unit area – 149 gr/ m2
  • Water vapour transmission (Sd) – 2000m
  • Emissivity – 0.05
  • CE  marking – yes

The membrane is available to buy today

Just look at the section (DuPont Air guard Reflective Vapour Control Layer  ) under Airtight /Facade Membranes on  the left of the website

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