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March 11th, 2015

SIGA Rissan airtight tapes

SIGA Rissan tapes range in various sizes which include 60mm, 100mm and 150mm, each of which are used for different applications in making buildings airtight.


SIGA Rissan 60 is used for sealing circular penetrations created by pipes etc. This single sided tape is extremely strong and clings tightly to pipes and cables using its elastic properties. This property also allows for structural movements in the building and once bonded to the surface wont have any effect on the building and will not create any damage. This roll is best used with the SIGA dispenser and is available in in roll cartons.


SIGA Rissan 100 and 150 is used to create an airtight seal between wall and floors or walls and ceilings. This single sided high performance tape is wide enough to create the airtight seal at these junctions and will remain flexible despite movements in the structure. The backing strip makes the tape easy to apply and when bonding the tape to the floor, it is best to prime the concrete using SIGA Dockskin. This primer was a short drying time when used in combination with SIGA Rissan tapes, it was great adhesive properties when used on concrete and is available in 4kg and 1kg containers.

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