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June 1st, 2016

Siga Rissan


The SIGA Rissan range is designed for interior application. It is flexible in nature which means it is perfect for uneven surfaces and combined with its’ strong adhesion means it is one of the most reliable airtight tapes on the market. Even if your structure moves the tape will remained sealed due to its’ superb elasticity.

SIGA Rissan 60

The flexible body of the 60 mm tape means it can easily wrap around pipes and cables. It can also lay down on either side of OSB to make a permanent, airtight seal. You can use SIGA Rissan 60 on most interior panel joints including; plywood and foamboards without the use of a primer.

SIGA Rissan 100 / 150

The 100 / 150 mm tapes are large span flexible tapes used for interior applications. When used with SIGA Dockskin  this single-sided high-performance adhesive tape is the perfect solution for permanent airtight bonding of wall elements to floor and ceiling. Even on corners these wide tapes are easy to use because they have a unique split back.


OSB application issues

In most cases, Rissan will bond to the smooth face of OSB without issues. Please test your application and if you have doubts about the bond after 24 hrs, please prime the joint with SIGA Dockskin primer. In our experience, no tape will stick to the rough side of OSB without the use of a primer like SIGA Dockskin. If you are planning on taping to the rough side of OSB, plan on using dockskin primer. Once primed, any SIGA tape will adhere to the rough surface of OSB and bond well.


The SIGA Rissan range can be used on

– Wood
– Hard wood-based panel materials
– Gypsium fibreboards
– Plasterboards
– Cement fibreboards
– Metals
– Hard plastics
– Electric cables

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