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April 2nd, 2014

SIGA Primur

SIGA Primur is a collective term for a range of adhesives used to help bond vapour control layers or wood based panel materials to plastered masonry. This product is available in a roll or mastic/tubular bag.

The SIGA Primur roll is a high performing self adhesive tape has very high adhesive strength taking away the need for drying time. All joints both indoor and outdoor can be subjected to loads immediately and applying this roll can half working time and is clean to use. Its elastic properties help it to absorb structural movements.
The roll is available 12mm x 4mm x 8m and in 10 roll cartons.

The Primur tubular bag/ cartridge work in a similar fashion to the roll the only differences being that these products have to be applied using a gun and their durability mean no supporting lath is required.
The tubular bag is available in 600ml size and has a coverage of 12-16m.
The cartridge is available in 310ml size and has a coverage of 6-8m.

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