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April 2nd, 2015

Siga Majvest facade membrane

Siga Majvest is a facade membrane used in all closed facade systems for making the building windtight on the outside. This material is tearproof and flexible meaning it is easy to lay. This roll can protect against moisture build up as it is diffusion open. This product works best when combined with other windtight tapes such as Siga Wigluv or Black (for open facades). The Wigluv tape comes in 60mm, 100mm and 150mm widths and has high adhesive strengths aimed at giving a long term life span on the building, with an sd value of <2m this tape is diffusible preventing moisture build up. Siga have also introduced a Wigluv 20/40mm tape for sealing windows and door frames as well as square penetrations on the outside.

Wigluv black is a 60mm x 40m roll which is highly resistant to UV rays, this tape can be used on open facade systems and primarily is used for overlaps,penetrations and windows.

2 Responses to “Siga Majvest facade membrane”

  1. Hi i am pricing 2 barn conversion project and the architect is specifing siga majvest membrane 3.0 mtr width rolls and all the associated jointing tapes etc to go with it the membrane is for the pitched sloping ceilings inside including on the inside timber studwork if you reply to my enquiry i will send across all the architects info and plans for you to give me a price for all associated materials to include delivery to Stokesby Norfolk.
    Derek 07540958125

  2. admin says:

    Hi Derek

    Thanks for getting in touch

    Can you send all the details to info@ecobuildingsystems.co.uk



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