November 16th, 2017

Siga Majvest

The sturdy and rainproof Siga Majvest membrane,

Helps make a permanently wind tight facade.The membrane is for use on  the external of a building.

The SIGA-Majvest is highly tearproof and flexible,Therefore it is easy an easy membrane to lay down .

The membrane is made using a material that is diffusion-open this  protects the wall from condensation build-up.

The specifications with the membrane are so ;

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  • The Length of each roll is 50m
  • With a Width of 1.5m
  • Resulting in the roll covering an area 75m
  • Roll has a Weight at 22kg
  • Material as noted above has 3 layers a  microporous functional layer, reinforced on both sides with PP fibre-fleece
  • The depth/thickness of the roll is 0.5mm
  • Can with temperatures from -40C to +100C
  • sd value, 0.05m
  • Atmospheric exposure, up to 3 months

Meeting the requirements and Standards Including:

  • Waterproof, W1 according to EN 1928
  • Fire behaviour, class E according to DIN 13501-1


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The tape used to seal and to secure the membranes joints would be the wigluv

Which come in many different sizes from a 20/40 split to 150mm Widths

The cost is £134.09 + VAT for one roll of the membrane



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