June 18th, 2018

Siga Fentrim 2

The Siga Fentrim Tape is a black colored ,a high-performance adhesive and  single-sided tape .

This tape is specifically designed  for permanent wind tight and driving-rain proof bonding,

When installed around a window or door  in a  solid construction on the outside.

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The tape comes pre-folded and is  available in a number of sizes :15/85, 15/135 and 15/185 mm.

You can buy the tape  individually or as cartons.

The advantages include :

  • High adhesive strength on entire surface
  • Easy to apply, immediately 100% tight
  • 15 mm prefolded,
  • Fastest bonding contact at window frame
  • Non-woven with perforated zone suited for plastering-over
  • Strong plaster adhesion on masonry

Prices start at £51.45 for individual tapes and from £279.72 for cartons

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