June 22nd, 2015

SIGA Corvum airtight tape

SIGA have introduces a number of split released tapes for various applications aimed at providing an airtight seal at different junctions. Both the Corvum 30/30 and the corvum 12/48 are high performing tapes that have a backing strip that is easy to remove and with one backing strip already removed the tape can be applied much quicker. The Corvum 30/30 airtight tape is used to seal angular penetrations, purlins, inside and outside corners and skylights. This roll measures 25m in length and is made from a water resistant paper. The Corvum 12/48mm airtight tape is primarily used to seal around window and door frames also measuring 25m in length. These tapes can bond to most materials including wood, hardwood based panels, plasterboard, metal and hard plastics.

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