August 7th, 2015

Rockwool TCB Cavity Barrier

ROCKWOOL® TCB Cavity Barrier is a fire safety solution for timber cavity constructions including floating floors and separating walls. The product provides a ½ hour cavity barrier or 1 hour dependent upon cavity size. The product consists of a 1200mm strip of ROCKWOOL® inserted into a red polyethylene sleeve incorporating two flanges designed for fixing. (Non-standard sizes have a single flange only.) Cavity widths from 50mm up to 140mm can be accommodated; the use of the correct size for the actual cavity is essential for compression fit.

Simple to install and fix
Held in place by compression
Weather protection during fitting
Water repellent
Maintenance free
Fire tested

How to use this productROCKWOOL® TCB Cavity Barrier provides fire stopping to prevent the spread of fire through walls, floors and cavities.
Performance & propertiesProperty
Acoustic Properties
TCB Cavity Barrier meets the building regulations for flanking sound transmission. For more information please refer to the product datasheet.

Fire Properties
ROCKWOOL® TCB Cavity Barrier can deliver up to 1 hour fire resistance dependent of cavity width. Refer to the product data sheet for more information.

Third Party Approvals
TCB Cavity Barrier holds Loss Prevention Certification Board approval LPCB 022b(3).


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