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November 3rd, 2011

Reduce Home Heating Costs Ireland

Reducing your home heating costs has become a very important issue over the last number of years.

Eco-Building systems can offer to you some very simple and economical ways to do this.

1. Top up your loft insulation. It is recommended that there should be at least 300mm of insulation within your loft.  If you have less then this we would highly recommend topping your insulation up.

You can use the following items to do this

Earthwool 100mm – Coverage 10.45m2  –  Thermal Resistance 2.25m²K/W

Earthwool 150mm – Coverage 6.87m2  –  Thermal Resistance 3.40m²K/W

Earthwool 200mm – Coverage 5.93m2  –  Thermal Resistance 4.50m²K/W

Rockwool 100mm – Coverage 5.76m2  –  Thermal Resistance 2.25m²K/W

Rockwool 150mm – Coverage 3.84m2  –  Thermal Resistance 3.40m²K/W

 2. Using insulated plasterboard on your external walls.  If your house has no cavity walls or there is no insulation within the external cavity wall, we would suggest lining all the external walls with 37.5mm or 52.5mm insulated plasterboard.  This can be fixed directly to the existing external walls which will increase the thermal properties of your walls.

You can use the following items.

A) Insulated plasterboard (25mm insulation & 12.5mm plasterboard)

B) Insulated plasterboard (40mm insulation & 12.5mm plasterboard)

Both these options can help reduce the amount of heat lost within your home.  If you need help in quantifying the amount of insulation you require for your home, please feel free to post a copy of your plans to Eco Building systems, Valley Business Park, Newry, BT34 3DA or E-mail them to info@ecobuildingsystems.co.uk and we will assist you.

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