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Tools and Accessories

Eco building systems provide a wide range of tools and accessories that can be delivered free of charge. Gas Refills can only be delivered to addresses in North & South Ireland.

Simpson Strong Tie JHA Joist hanger with adjustable height strap

JHA galvanised stainless steel Joist hangers are used to hang supporting timber joists from timber members. Some of the advantages include: – Easy installation – High performance values are based on using 3.75x30mm square twist nails. – Wider surface area allows for increased nailing which gives greater support. Available sizes: 38mm width 44mm width 91mm […]

Available from: £4.55

Collated Drywall Screws (1000/pk)

Collated Drywall Screws ideal for wood fixing. Main features: – Coated in black phosphate – Coarse thread – Non jamming with piercing point Available sizes: 3.5x35mm 3.5x55mm 4.2x75mm

Available from: £17.78

TRUFIX Universal Chipboard Wood Screws (Yellow Passivation)

The TRUFIX universal wood screw has a ‘lock drive’ feature meaning a reduced drive torque is needed giving your drill a longer battery life. These screws can be used in MDF, softwood, hardwood and chipboard and have a long cut point meaning no pilot hole is required. Available sizes: 3 x 16mm 3 x 20mm […]

Available from: £3.83

Masonry stainless steel cavity wall ties

This product is ideal for joining two sides of wall cavities. The stainless steel wall tie is available in 225mm and 300mm. Order information Wall ties are available in pack of 50. Price includes delivery.

Available from: £19.75

Drywall Screws 75mm & 90mm

Dry Wall Screws 75mm & 90mm 75mm & 90mm Drywall screws for fitting plasterboard and the like. Benefits Drywall Screws are ideal for use with plasterboard and similar materials. Technical Data Sizes Available 75mm (500 screws per pack) 90mm (200 screws per Pack)

Available from: £6.90

GRIP IT Plasterboard fixings

Grip it (as seen on Dragons Den) is a new design for plasterboard fixings, the design incorporates gripping wings which open behind the plasterboard to create an effective and secure fixing which can hold loads up to 180kg. Product range: TYPE 13-2 – Ideal for hanging picture frames, small shelving, mirrors and curtain rails – […]

Available from: £9.80

Hammer Tacker

Hammer Tacker Hammer tackers are used for quick stapling of large surfaces such as carpets, underlay, roof insulation and furnishings, and takes 1/4″ – 3/8″ (6mm – 8mm) staples. It is made to contractors quality and has a full rubber grip to absorb shocks. Benefits Professional Quality Can be used for multiple application Non-slip grip

Available from: £24.00

Nail Gun Nails

Nails 34 dregree nail will work in all the popular cordless nail guns which take a 34 degree paper collated nail. Benefits Smooth Profile – As a result of their regular form they can be produced at very high speed, making them the most economical type of nail. Plain Finish – There is no form of […]

Available from: £19.84

Metal Insulation Board Anchors (internal)

Metal insulation board anchors are perfect for fixing both external and internal insulation to the walls. Before selecting the length of any insulation fixing both the thickness of the insulation material and the thickness of the adhesive used to secure insulation material should be considered. The number and placement of insulation board fixings will be […]

Available from: £6.05

Staples 3/8” (10mm)

Galvinised Wire Staples Galvinised Wire staples (5000pc per box) Benefits Galvanised – Galvanising is the best way to prevent staples from corroding. Technical Data T50/A-11 Staples 3/8” (10mm) 5000pc

Available from: £4.38
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