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Solar Panels

Eco Building Systems Solar Panels & tubes can only be delivered to addresses in North & South Ireland. To get a quote for fitting please contact us.

Armaflex Duosolar Insulation Coil

Armaflex DuoSolar is pre-insulated flow and return pipe for solar hot-water applications. Armaflex DuoSolar is used to connect the solar collectors with the hot-water storage tank in an easy and professional way. It optimises the thermal efficiency of the entire system and increases the life expectancy of the installation. Thanks to the pre-insulation and the […]

Available from: £245.00

Dimplex Solar Kit

Dimplex solar kit combines all the necessary components into easy to purchase kits. This makes specification and purchase easy, giving confidence that every component has been carefully selected for its quality and suitability for the UK climate. Combining solar energy in a heating and hot water system can aid part L complience and help improve a […]

Available from: £1,280.00

Dektite Mini Solar Flashing 0-35mm

The Dektite mini flashing is ideal for flashing roof and wall penetrations of pvc conduits, electrical wires, tv antenna wire, lightning conductors. The EPDM cone seals against whatever you push through the flashing and the flexible aluminium base mould to the contours beneath it. The mini flashing is sealed at the base with silicone and […]

Available from: £12.36

Solar Dek Lead Pitched Solar Flashing 50mm

Solar Dek Lead Pitched Solar Flashing 50mm combines the quality polymer Dektite® with a Nu-Lead® base featuring a unique Thermo-Baked Acrylic Primer coating, Acrylead®, which prevents leaching of lead oxides. This stops corrosion and staining and makes handling much safer for installers. Acrylead® has been extensively tested under extreme exposure conditions by Consolidated Alloys, and […]

Available from: £52.11

Tegral Solar Utility Slate with 46mm Gasket

Utilty Slate fitting instruction that has completely revolutionised the flashing industry. The tough, weathertight seal of the EPDM cone and strong flexible base makes flashing installation fast and totally effective. Benefits Easy to install and Weatherproof Aesthetically Pleasing Suited to 600x300mm and 500x250mm Natural and Fibre Cement Slates Ideally suited for Solar panel brackets and […]

Available from: £51.28
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