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Sheet Materials

Eco Building Systems Sheet materials can only be delivered to addresses in North & South Ireland, delivery is free within 7 - 10 working days. These products require mechanical unloading. The Osb/3 Sheets can be used to form an airtight membreane along with our Siga Air Tight Tapes.

Gyproc sound block plasterboard T/E

Gyproc sound block Plasterboard 2438x1200x12.5mm TE • Pale blue face paper • Brown reverse side paper • Available in tapered edge only • Complies with EN 520 – Type D • Thermal Conductivity 0.25W/mK • ACTIVair technology is available with this board • This product is certified to BES 6001 achieving a rating of ‘Very […]

Available from: £11.44

Plasterboard moisture resistant T/E

This moisture resistant plasterboard is ideal for kitchen and bathrooms both on walls and ceilings in areas of high humidity. It is available in tapered edge and has additives within the core and paper liners to resist moisture. This plasterboard complies with EN520-type A, H1 and has a thermal conductivity of 0.19 W/mK. Tech spec […]

Available from: £9.67

Easy Reed (Easy Riet)

A thatched roof is beautiful to see and has a high insulation value. With the panels from EASYREED it has never been so easy to put a roof on your home. It’s so easy to fit and EASYREED is is up to 80% cheaper than traditional a thatched roofed. Connect-ability and cutting All panels from […]


OSB Sheeting Can be used for roof decking, roof sarking ,wall sheathing, flooring , hoarding, signboards, portable building, constructional insulation board and forming an Internal Airtight Membrane in conjuction with our Air Tight Tapes. Benefits Will not rot or decay strong against corrosion and fire Water proof, consistent when exposed in the natural or wet […]

Available from: £8.80


Plasterboard is an inner layer of gypsum sandwiched between two outer layers of lining paper including various additives in the gypsum layer and varying the weight and strength of the lining paper, will give the finished board different properties. Gyproc plasterboards satisfy requirements from space division to demanding fire, sound, thermal, moisture and impact resistance, […]

Available from: £6.75

Therm Rigid/Foil Backed Insulation

Therm Rigid/Foil Backed Insulation is an insulation board made specifically for partial fill cavity wall insulation. It is easily fixed in position with the appropriate clips and wall ties. The Therm Rigid/Foil Backed Insulation is manufactured in thicknesses of 25mm, 40mm, 100mm and 125mm, and is made from zero ozone depletion blowing agents reinforced with glass fibre with both […]

Available from: £15.91
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