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Sealants, Adhesives and Colours

Eco Building Systems supplies a range of Sealants and Adhesives that can be used on multiple surfaces for a variety of jobs.

Evo Stik multipurpose impact instant contact adhesive

Product Overview The UK’s No.1 contact adhesive High strength adhesive that bonds on contact No need for clamping or special support while the adhesive sets Multi-purpose – the ideal adhesive for emergency repairs Bonds most materials even non-porous e.g metals Body Wood, Ceramics, Rubber, Paper, Metals, Decorative Laminates, Card , Cork, Stone, Leather, Fabrics, Rigid […]

Available from: £11.38

Evo Stik Silicone Multipurpose Sealant

Product Overview Good movement accommodation +/- 12.5% Waterproof Does not crack, shrink or discolour Contains fungicide For interior and exterior use Excellent adhesion to most surfaces Up to 25 years life expectancy Uses Sealing around baths, sinks, showers, kitchen worktops and more Sizes C20 cartridge Colours White, Clear, Black, Brown Coverage: 10m of a 6mm […]

Available from: £4.38

Cementone No 1 Colours For Cement

Product overview Permanent colours for cement Easily dispensed in a dry mix Will not impair the performance of the mix Available in Brick Red, Black, Buff and Russet Brown Where it can be used: Concrete Mortar Render Screed Size: 1kg

Available from: £4.73

Evo Stik Resin W Extra Fast Interior Wood Adhesive

Product Overview The UK’s No. 1 wood adhesive Fast setting, extra strong wood adhesive for interior use Suitable for all types of wood Dries to a clear finish. No mess, clog-free nozzle and twist to seal cap Anti-roll bottle Bonds Wood, hardboard, Chipboard, Blockboard, Cardboard, Paper, Textiles Sizes Mini, 125ml, 250ml, 500ml, 1 litre, 2.5 […]

Available from: £11.00

Evo-Stik Resin W Wood Adhesive Exterior

Product Overview The UK’s No. 1 wood adhesive Fast setting, extra strong weatherproof wood adhesive for interior or exterior use Complies with EN 204 Type D3 -weatherproof, water resistant wood adhesive. Suitable for all types of wood Dries to a clear finish No mess, clog-free nozzle and twist to seal cap Anti-roll bottle Body Wood, […]

Available from: £11.95

DAFA Butyl grey 200 Adhesive

BUTYL 200 JOINT SEALANT Butyl 200 joint sealant is a non-hardening joint sealant used for sealing in a range of structures. Application Butyl 200 joint sealant is used for applications such as overlapping joints in moulding for caravans and for sealing joints in roof structures. Benefits Good UV resistance Good resistance against acids and alkalis. […]

Available from: £8.77

Roof 7

For roof repair Roof 7 is ideal, this product is formulated with Butyl Rubber, Bitumen and fiber glass making this product last longer resistant to water and stronger. This sealant will remain flexible and soft even after 20 years and can be applied between a temperature range of -12 to 50°C on both wet and […]

Available from: £10.50

Dafa foil adhesive P270

Dafa foil adhesive P270 Dafa Air Tight Membrane Sealant can be used for forming airtight bonding of vapour barriers and vapor barriers on absorbent surfaces, such as on plaster, concrete, or untreated wood. Benefits Elastoplastic adhesive based on an aqueous dispersion resin ester of vapor barrier / moisture barrier. Free of solvents Strong adhesion Stable Evens out […]

Available from: £10.50

TEC 7 Sealant

TEC 7 TEC7 replaces mounting, wood and PU adhesive, silicone sealant, acrylate adhesive, etc.and is the TEC7 is the first choice for 80% of all applications. Benefits Very good adhesion to virtually all substrates Does not attack plastics and mirrors Very good UV-resistance Does not bleed out on natural stone Fungus-resistant Can be applied very […]

Available from: £10.50
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