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Fermacell provide a range of products including wallboards, flooring and a range of accessories. We don't deliver Fermacell boards to mainland UK or islands.

Fermacell Filler

Fermacell Filler can be used for filling 5-7mm gaps between boards and stopping screw heads. The specially developed formulation allows extremely high tensile strengths of the joints to be achieved. Fermacell Filler complies with the requirements of EN13963 and is suitable for filling and smoothing over joints of all gypsum plasterboards to EN 520. Technical […]

Available from: £23.00

Fermacell Power Panel H20

Fermacell Power Panel H20 is a cement bonded light concrete board that has been reinforced on both sides with a glass fibre mesh. This board is non combustible and has an A1 fire rating. Power panel H20 can be used in external wall constructions as a backing board for thin coat render systems, it is […]

Available from: £44.40

Fermacell Power Panel H20 screws

Fermacell Power Panel H20 screws are primarily used to fix Fermacell Power Panels, these easy to screw fixings are available in three various sizes: 3.9 x 50mm 3.9 x 35mm 3.9 x 23mm All come in boxes of 500

Available from: £16.00

Fermacell Powerpanel H20 Surface Finish

Fermacell Powerpanel H20 Surface Finish is a cement based compound for inside and outside applications in areas of high humidity. This product is suitable for covering screw heads and joints and for smoothing uneven finishes on walls and floors. It can also be used for levelling out sub surfaces before tiling or painting. This surface […]

Available from: £26.48

Fermacell Fine Surface Treatment

Fermacell Fine Surface Treatment is a skim plaster type finish that can be achieved in a fraction of the time without the need of specialist skills.  This allows the experienced tradesman, self builder or DIY enthusiast to achieve a flawless finish. Fermacell Fine Surface Treatment (FST) will give Fermacell boards a smoother finish prior to painting. […]

Fermacell Jointstik

Fermacell Jointstik is used to joint square edge Fermacell boards for walls and ceilings.  Bonds and fills joints at the same time.  Fermacell Jointstik is applied as a flat bead to the middle of the boards edge using the nozzle supplied with the cartridge. Technical Data 310 ml tubes Coverage  of 20 meters

Available from: £10.45

Fermacell Lining Board

Lining Board Fermacell is perfectly suited for wall lining solutions, from lining of proprietary metal systems to traditional timber frame as well as dot and dab fixing. Use of Fermacell with wall lining systems creates a quick and simple way to install systems that reduce the wet trades required. Benefits Impact – able to withstand […]

Available from: £23.26

Fermacell Screws Box

Screws Box Fermacell Screws can be used for fixing Fermacell Gypsum Fibreboards to timber and metal sub frames on walls and ceilings. Benefits Easy Screw ability Optimum Countersink ability Protected Against Corrosion   Technical Data 3.9 x 30mm Fermacell Screws 1000 Screws per box

Available from: £17.65
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