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Damp Proofing and Polythene Sheeting

Damp proofing is an essential part of construction as it acts as a type of waterproofing applied to building foundation walls to prevent moisture from passing through the walls into interior spaces. At Eco Building Systems we supply Damp Proof Course (DPC), Damp Proof Membrane (DPM) and Radon Barrier's as part of our damp proofing materials. FREE DELIVERY ON ALL DAMP PROOFING AND POLYTHENE SHEETING!!

Light Duty Polythene Protective Sheeting

This light duty Polythene Sheeting is ideal for those wishing to provide temporary protection when painting and decorating or indeed will provide a covering for materials in transit. This product is waterproof and is available in 100m2 rolls. Technical Data Sizes Available 25m x 4m Coverage 100m2 per roll Order information Minimum order quantity: 3 […]

Available from: £13.42

Damp Proof Course

Damp Proof Course Damp Proof Course (DPC) is manufactured for use within brick, stone and concrete walls and will provide a robust damp proof barrier to prevent the rise of damp in structure walls. Made from recycled polythene materials DPC provides an environmentally friendly and extremely durable DPC guaranteed to meet British Building Regulations. Benefits […]

Available from: £4.87

Damp Proof Membrane 1000 guage 250mu

Damp Proof Membrane 1000 guage 250mu High tear resistance and high tensile strength Easy installation Meets with building regulations Colour: black Area: 45m2

Available from: £24.25

Polythene Sheeting Black Heavy Duty 500 guage

This heavy duty 500 guage protective polythene sheeting is ideal for refurbishment or new build projects and it can be used for protecting both vertical and floor applications. This polythene sheeting is tear proof and is easy to fit and tailor for any project. It will protect against spillages and dirt and can also be […]

Available from: £19.45

Radon Barrier 1200 gauge damp proof membrane

Radon Barrier This is a fully sealed very low gas permeability barrier placed over the entire footprint of the building at the time of construction to reduce the radon gas from entering the building . In some cases it can be provided in lieu of the damp-proof membrane. New building regulations state that a radon barrier […]

Available from: £56.50

Radon Double Sided Butyl Tape 30m x 35mm

Double-sided tape for use when laying a radon barrier or damp-proof membrane Benefits Very Low Moisture Vapour Transmission Rate Formulated Using Latest Rubber Polymer Technology Lasts Lifetime of Building Excellent Elongation Properties Technical Data Width: 35mm Length: 30 m BBA Certificate Number: 96/3267

Available from: £15.77
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