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November 8th, 2011

Panelvent Benefits

Breathable Wall System – this means the ability of a wall to dissipate any moisture it collects over the year during the warmer months. It doesn’t mean the ability of the wall to let air pass through it. At one end of the spectrum this can mean a hemp building which is highly vapour permeable (like a good wool coat). At the other end are building with OSB sandwich constructions which should never letter water in & if it does get in, then it certainly is not getting out (much like a plastic bag). The latter issue has been the subject of much investigation in the US, with the conclusion that any moisture build up, in particular the OSB sandwich walls, can result in Sick Building Syndrome (SBS). This can be hugely complicated area, many experts differ & in the end we chose a breathable wall system, using Panelvent a woodfibre board on the outside which will allow moisture out if / when it gets in but has the cost and strength advantages of using OSB for racking strength. There is a calculation tool called WUFI that many professionals use to determine how a wall will perform as regards interstitial condensation over time.

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