Wigluv 100 – 6 Roll Cartons

Wigluv 100 – 6 Roll Cartons

Wigluv 100

The single-sided high-performance adhesive tapes Wigluv 100 and 150 are perfectly suitable for permanently windtight sealing of roof insulating and facade boards on the outside. Combined with the high-performance primer Dockskin, Wigluv 100 and 150 offer a unique solution for woodfibre boards and masonry, and for base joints.
Driving rain resistance in combination with Majcoat has been proven by the TU Berlin.


  • high adhesive strength at high and low temperatures, usable in all weather conditions
  • diffusible sd < 2 m, prevents condensation build-up
  • driving rain-proof and impermeable to water, permanent protection for roof and facade

Technical Data

  • Length/roll: 25 m
  • Width: 100 mm
  • Carton: 6 rolls
Length/roll: 40 m
Width: 60 mm
Box: 8 rolls
Pallet: 50 boxes


Order Information

  • A minimum order of 2 rolls must be placed when ordering individual rolls.
Order Siga Wigluv 100 - Minimum Order Qty: 1
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