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Vario KM Duplex UV Membrane

Vario KM Duplex UV Membrane

Whether it is hot or cold, wet or dry, the innovative VARIO system intelligently adapts to the prevailing climatic conditions. Ideal for all timber and solid construction, the VARIO system blocks moisture diffusing into the structure from inside the building during the cold winter months, whilst in summer the VARIO KM / VARIO KM Duplex UV membrane allows any moisture that is trapped to diffuse back into the building interior. This allows damp building elements in the construction to dry out during the summer months and remain dry, avoiding mould formation and subsequent moisture-related damage to the building structure. All subject, of course, to careful and effective bonding of overlapping seams in the membrane and sealing of junctions with components and around all penetrations, such as chimneys, pipes and services, with appropriate VARIO System products.

The heart of the Isover Vario system with a patented polyamide membrane acts like a sensitive skin.


  • Reinforced, laminated water vapour retardant climate membrane for sealing all construction components (floors, walls, roof) in both lightweight and solid constructions.
  • Moisture-variable s d of 0.2m to 5m.

Technical Data

  • roll: width x length: 1.5 m x 40 m
  • Coverage 60 m2 per roll

Delivery information

FREE DELIVERY!!* *(exceptions may apply to the Isle of Man, Orkney, Shetland and Scottish Islands).

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