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SIGA Fentrim 20 Individual Tape for windows and doors (inside application)

SIGA Fentrim 20 Individual Tape for windows and doors (inside application)

Fentrim 20 is an airtight high-performance tape for window and door frames on the inside.

Main advantages

  • extremely high adhesive power on entire surface allowing for immediate bonding on most surfaces including masonry
  • Fentrim 20 is pre-folded and available in the sizes 15/135 mm, 15/85 mm and 15/185mm. According to the rule “less permeable on the inside than on the outside”, the black coloured window-joint tape Fentrim 2 perfectly supplements Fentrim 20
  • nonwoven suited for plastering over with perforated zone strong plaster adhesion on masonry

Suitable substrates:

Hard wood-based panel materials
Gypsum Plasterboards
Gypsum fibreboards
Concrete, masonry, plaster
Bituminous sheeting in the base area
Rigid insulation (XPS/ EPS/ PUR)
Hard plastics

Helpful Downloads

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