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DuPont AirGuard Reflective Vapour Control Layer

DuPont AirGuard Reflective Vapour Control Layer

DuPont™ AirGuard® Reflective is a 100% air tight air & vapour control layer (AVCL) featuring a metallised surface with a very low emissivity, which combined with a non-ventilated airspace significantly boosts thermal insulation in a building.It can be installed in roofs, below ceiling levels as well as in walls. With the combination of the metallised vapour-open membrane Tyvek® Enercor®, DuPont™ AirGuard® Reflective offers two main advantages:

  • Thermal comfort – it provides protection against heat loss by radiation and convection.
  • An efficient moisture management – it provides effective control against interstitial condensation both by diffusion and by convection.


  • Highly vapour resistant
  • Airtight & water resistant
  • CE-conformity for plastic & rubber vapour control layer
  • Reflects ca. 95% of radiant heat
  • Superior mechanical strength
  • Reaction to Fire: Class E
  • Considerably reduces risk of condensation into the insulation
  • Considerably reduces convective heat losses

Technical Data

  • Composition – A composite of polypropylene, polyethylene and an aluminium foil
  • Roll size – 1.5 m x 50 m
  • Roll Total Area Covered = 75m
  • Roll weight – 11 kg
  • Mass per unit area – 149 gr/ m2
  • Water vapour transmission (Sd) – 2000m
  • Emissivity – 0.05
  • CE  marking – yes

Delivery information

FREE DELIVERY!!* *(exceptions may apply to the Isle of Man, Orkney, Shetland and Scottish Islands).

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