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Armaflex Duosolar Insulation Coil

Armaflex Duosolar Insulation Coil

Armaflex DuoSolar is pre-insulated flow and return pipe for solar hot-water applications. Armaflex DuoSolar is used to connect the solar collectors with the hot-water storage tank in an easy and professional way. It optimises the thermal efficiency of the entire system and increases the life expectancy of the installation. Thanks to the pre-insulation and the patented join-split connection, there are significant time savings during installation. Armaflex DuoSolar is available in continuous coils to reduce waste and increase convenience.


  • High temperature insulation for pipe temperatures up to 150°C
  • Weather resistant, due to the factory-applied protective outer film, as per the requirements of AS/NZS 2712:2007
  • Abrasion resistant, due to the protective outer film, which protects the insulation during installation
  • 15mm thickness insulation to provide an R-value of 0.6 (AS/NZS 4851.1:2002)
  • Low thermal-conductivity to minimise heat loss
  • Environmentally friendly: PVC-free, zero ODP, made without CFCs and HCFCs, low-VOC
  • Black in colour to minimise aesthetic impact on installation
  • Protected against water-vapour entry, due to the micro-cell structure of Armaflex
  • Supplied in practical 10m and 15m paired coils
  • Available in DN15 (1/2”) and DN20 (3/4”) pipe sizes
  • Constructed with AS1432-compliant copper
  • Installation accessories available: saddle clamps, exterior tapes and insulation adhesive

Technical Data

  • Coil 16mm x 10m + 4 Nuts & 2 NippsArmaflexDuoSolarAUS
  • Coil 16mm x 15m + 4 Nuts & 2 Nipps
  • Coil 16mm x 20m + 4 Nuts & 2 Nipps
  • Coil 16mm x 25m + 4 Nuts & 2 Nipps

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