June 8th, 2015

ISOVER Vario KM Duplex UV membrane

ISOVER Vario KM Duplex UV membrane is used as a vapour and airtight barrier used in ventilated and non ventilated roof and wall systems and works best when combined with the suitable adhesive tapes and sealants. Measuring 1.5 x 40m2 this membrane has a variable Sd value 0.3m<sd<5.0m meaning moisture levels can be controlled in the winter and summer. This airtight barrier can be used for various applications including:

– Pitched roof construction

– Timber frame construction



Pitched roof construction

The pitched roof can be made airtight from the inside and is installed on the sub construction of the pitched roof after the insulation. Membrane overlaps are sealed using the Vario KB1 tape. Airtight bonds with joints in floors, gable walls and chimneys can be achieved using Vario ProTape and to seal the membrane around roof windows and pipes etc.


Timber frame construction

The Vario products are ideal in this modern method of construction in protecting against moisture and providing the airtightness levels needed.



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