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March 2nd, 2011

Isover Metac

Isover Metac is a high performance thermal insulation roll designed for a wide range of applications where space is a premium and an excellent u-value is required.

The Isover Metac can be used in the following areas;

  • Pitched Roof – between the rafters
  • Timber Framed Walls
  • Metallic Buildings – cladding systems

The reasons for using Metac are;

It has an excellent thermal performance, delivering a great u-value, improving REB rating while reducing energy bills and carbon footprint.  It requires less thickness than standard mineral wool insulation.

Friction fits between rafters, very easy to install as it conforms to any variations in rafter alignment and stays in place over time allowing for natural movement of timber.

Breathable, when used with a breathable roof or wall membrane, Metac can be full filled in the rafter, no need for an airspace.  Complements air tightness and moisture control system such as Vario & SIGA.

A1 Fire Rating, Metac is totally non-combustible.  Highest possible A1 rating means that Metac is the one of the safest materials available.

Acoustic insulation, Metac substantially reduces rain/wind and traffic noise improving acoustic comfort.

Easy to transport, Metac’s compact roll format makes it very easy to transport and handle.  This means fewer trips for delivery and no pre-cutting before it can be brought into tight spaces like attics.

Environmentally friendly, Made from recycled glass.  Low carbon footprint at manufacture.

2 Responses to “Isover Metac”

  1. John Parks says:

    Hi we are on a project that we require isosaver – metac & wonderred if you could contact us with availability & prices
    many thanks

    • admin says:

      Afternoon John

      I was looking at your enquiry this morning with regards to the isover
      Can you please give me some more information on sizes etc
      We dont stock the isover metac however when you give us more about what you are looking
      I will be able to contact our supplier and find an alternative

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