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December 22nd, 2010

Insulated Plasterboard Northern Ireland

Eco Building Systems stock two different sizes of insulated plasterboard;

1. 25mm insulation with 12.5mm plasterboard attached, which is ideal for ceilings or external walls.

2. 40mm insulation with 12.5mm plasterboard attached, which is ideal for external walls.

Insulated plasterboard is especially useful in refurbishment work. Insulated plasterboard has a sheet of polystyrene or foam bonded to the back of it to increase the thermal insulation properties. Insulated plasterboard can be fixed using screws or can be fixed using a direct bonding method.

Insulated plasterboards can help cut down on time and save money as there wouldn’t be the repetition of work by fitting the sheets of insulation and then fitting plasterboard on top of them. You would be fitting one composite item.

2 Responses to “Insulated Plasterboard Northern Ireland”

  1. Barry Connolly says:


    I am self building a house in Carlow here and we are looking for a price on the following items if you stock them?

    I am in work at the moment and unable to get to the phone however my number is:

    087 2946474.


    Barry Connolly,
    Co Carlow.

    All in sheets/ slabs size 2400 x 1200

    150mm floor insulation x 50 sheets.
    25mm floor insulation x 35 sheets.
    37.5mm (or nearest size) insulated plasterboard slab x 84 sheets.
    29mm (or nearest size) insulated plasterboard slab x 27 sheets.


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