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October 5th, 2011

Fermacell Lining Board

Eco Building Systems have just received a new stock levels of Fermacell lining board & accessories

Fermacell Linings (Alternative to plastering)

Fermacell is perfectly suited for wall lining solutions, from lining of proprietary metal systems to traditional timber frame as well as dot and dab fixing.

The use of Fermacell with wall lining systems creates a quick and simple way to install systems that reduce the wet trades required as the fast and simple jointing systems for Fermacell Boards Fine Surface Treatment.

Metal frame lining systems

The use of Fermacell with metal frame Dry Lining systems allows a dry system to be installed for lining walls where the background may be unsuitable for “dabbing”, where the existing wall may be out of true or the surface may not allow the adhesion of the Fermacell Bonding Compound.

Metal frame systems allow the system to be fixed directly to the existing wall allowing different cavity widths to be accommodated. This can be as little as 15 mm with a metal furring system. Insulation and vapour barriers can be installed behind the Fermacell Boards. Where possible place the insulation between the battens and the wall where there is a narrow cavity otherwise this will reduce its overall effectiveness and may cause cold bridging.

Timber Battens

Fermacell may be fixed to timber battens of a minimum size of 50 m x 30 mm using 30 mm Fermacell screws or Galvanised staples. The use of battens adds little to the lining thickness and provides a service cavity. Where greater level of thermal insulation are required insulation boards may be sandwiched between the battens and the wall. If possible place the insulation between the battens and the wall otherwise this will reduce its overall effectiveness and may cause cold bridging.

Direct Bond – “Dot and Dab”

Fermacell can be installed using the dot and dab method; to do so Tapered edge boards must be used. It is important to note that the surface to which the boards are to be bonded should be clean, dry and mechanically stable. Plaster dabs (Fermacell bonding compound) should be applied to the existing wall (see the Lining Section for spacing). This method will allow a quick and cost effective way of cosmetically lining an existing wall.

Independent Wall Linings

Independent Wall linings are generally used where a clear cavity is required from the existing background.

A DIN standard C stud is used as a framework to support the Fermacell Boards and these are set generally at 400 mm centres for greater stability. Greater centres are allowable, please contact our Technical department for further information. As the C stud is not fixed to the background there is no restriction in the size of cavity and space is allowed for acoustic insulation or services.

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