October 23rd, 2015

Fentrim 20 window & door tape: pre-folded & suited for plastering over

Fentrim 20 is the optimal airtight high-performance tape for window and door frames from the inside.  It has an extremely high adhesive power on the entire surface allowing for immediate bonding on most surfaces including masonry.

According to the rule “less permeable on the inside than on the outside”, the black coloured window-joint tape Fentrim 2 perfectly supplements Fentrim 20.

Fentrim 20 is pre-folded and available in the sizes 15/85 mm, 15/135 mm and 15/185mm.

The nonwoven tape is suited for plastering over with perforated zone strong plaster adhesion on masonry.

Suitable substrates are: Wood; Hard wood-based panel materials; Gypsum Plasterboards, Gypsum fibreboards, Concrete, masonry, plaster, Bituminous sheeting in the base area, Rigid insulation (XPS/ EPS/ PUR), Metals, Hard plastics

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