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April 18th, 2016

Fakro N35

Our new product, Fakro N35, is a membrane with high vapour permeability. High watertightness protects the roof structure from:

– seepage and water condensation

– under roofing

– wind driven precipitation

High water vapour permeability offered by the Fakro N35 membrane allows moving insulation towards the membrane surface without the need for any ventilation gaps in the roof or wall structures. This makes it possible to apply thicker layer of insulation which translates into energy savings. Fakro N35 is laid directly onto rafters, insulation or sarking with turquoise printed side facing outwards. It also resists penetration of water and consequently may be used as temporary waterproofing prior to the installation of slates or tiles.

As well as being watertight the Fakro N35 is energy efficient. It can be laid directly onto insulation to full rafter height. As a wind protective material they do not allow heat to be drawn away from the insulation. This type of breather membranes have a unique combination of parameters such as waterproofing and water vapour diffusion that enables the fabric to vent moisture whilst remaining fully waterproof, ensuring that the insulation will remain dry.

Fakro N35 also has a high tear resistance because it is manufactured by a lamination with an electrostatic field of a water vapour permeable and waterproof film between layers of non-woven polypropylene spun bond to form a flexible sheet. This means it can lead itself to many uses as it provides long-term resistance to UV and heat radiation and are 100% recyclable and capable of re-use as a raw material. They can also be in a wide range of roofing structures including boarded and roofs covered with metal sheeting.


Fakro N35 is priced at £52.48 + VAT a roll (minimum order quantity 2) This price includes delivery.

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