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April 22nd, 2013

Fakro Centre pivot roof windows

The Fakro centre pivot roof windows are the most popular in the Fakro range and comes in a variety of different sizes. The centre pivot range is available in both pine and UPVC and can be opened to a range of positions allowing more fresh air into the room. The sash can be rotated through 180 degrees meaning the windows can be easily and safely cleaned.

The FTT Thermo is a specialist roof window whose innovative design has produced outstanding energy saving properties. If preventing heat loss is a major issue in your building, this window may be the one to choose as it has a heat transfer co-efficient of U Pane = 0.5Wm2k.

The UPVC roof window is ideal for installation in loft rooms with high humidity levels such as in bathrooms or kitchens. The window is resistant to changable weather conditions, durable, corrosion free and its maintenance is reduced to an absolute minimum.

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