November 20th, 2015

DAFA Vapour Barrier Tape

Vapour barrier tape for the indoor bonding of all PP/PE membrane types, as well as plywood, chipboard, planed timber and metal.

The BLUE DAFA tape (50mmx 25m) is for longitudinal and transverse overlapping (lapjoint) bonding.  The tape adheres to materials such as PP/PE membranes, plywood, planed timber, chipboard and metal. The tape has a very strong adhesive force that improves over time, and is highly resistant to moisture and other atmospheric fluctuations.




The GREEN DAFA tape (50mmx 25m) is for sealing around shaped objects.The tape is used to seal pull-outs, pipe and cable penetrations, as well as air ducts and corners. The green vapour barrier tape is highly flexible and elastic, thereby allowing for the movement of structural elements.



DAFA vapour barrier tape is a strongly bonded tape that should only be used in permanent applications, as the tape cannot be removed from the surface once applied.  We have samples available if you would like to see the tape first just drop us an email at:

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