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April 30th, 2014

Airtightness in buildings

Buildings in the UK should be constructed to be permanently airtight, air can be lost in various ways such as gaps in insulation, hairline cracks in plasterboard and cracks formed by settlement in buildings. SIGA and DUPONT both have products that can help make this happen in today’s modern construction. Before an airtest is carried out a vapour control layer such as SIGA Majpell or DUPONT Airguard reflective should be applied and bonded tightly to the inside of the building. An air test usually consists of a blower door test which checks the airtight envelope with the required values of the area. Non airtight or permeable membranes will lead to unnecessary energy loss and draughts. The main areas that we would recomend sealing are:

– the area where the vapour control layer meets the plastered wall
– overlaps in vapour control layers
– penetrations through the vapour control layer such as pipes etc.
– base joints and any leaks in the vapour control layer

The products that we provide are high quality, some lower standard products use poor glues and solvents and will lose their adhesiveness over a short period but we can ensure our products will last.

SIGA Majpell 5 is a vapour control layer used on roofs walls and ceilings. It has an intelligent moisture management system and is easy to lay and cut. This layer is available in a 1.5 x 50m roll and overlaps can be bonded using SIGA Sicrall 60 tape. This high performance high adhesive tape has extremelly strong adhesive strength and is hand tearable which saves time. This roll of tape is available in 60mm x 40m rolls.

DUPONT Airguard reflective is another vapour control layer commonly used in construction. This vapour barrier when combined with an airgap can reflect up to 95% of the heat back into the building, this barrier when used is a great way of reducing U-values, it has a very low emissivity level and will dramatically reduce the risk of interstitial condensation. The reflective side should always be facing back into the building. The overlaps in this building should be sealed using DUPONT metallised tape, this tape is hightly resistant to humidity and water and can be used to seal around penetrations, overlaps, windows and doors.

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