March 19th, 2014

Airtightness around windows and doors – SIGA Fentrim tape

If you are thinking of making your building airtight or want to cut down on heat loss in your home then why not have a look at our range of airtight tapes for windows and doors. SIGA have introduced into the market an airtight tape for around openings in buildings for both an inside and outside applications.

SIGA Fentrim 20 is an airtight high performing tape for windows and door frames for indoor applications. It has a unique perforated edge making it ideal for plastering, its extremely high adhesive strength makes it easy to apply and produces a completely airtight application. This tape is prefolded for 15mm without a backing strip meaning application onto the window or door frame is quick and long lasting. This tape is ideal in traditional masonry build constructions. The plaster will bond well to the non woven side of the Fentrim 20 tape and the perforations help with this process.

This tape is ideal in three various sizes: 100, 150 and 200mm depending on your application and each roll is 25m in length.

SIGA Fentrim 2 works in a similar fashion to the tape described above only it is used for outside applications. It is black in colour but once plastered the tape will not be visible. It too has a perforated edge meaning plaster will bond well especially to the non woven side of the tape. Again this roll is available in three different sizes: 100mm, 150 and 200mm and each roll is 25m in length.

Check out the online manual for more information on how to apply the rolls:

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