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September 1st, 2014

Airtight tape for buildings

Air can find various paths of escaping in buildings and one of these is through walls. In Masonry construction fort example poorly built walls can lead to unnecessary heat loss due to gaps in mortar joints, these joints should be properly filled in order to ensure air is not escaping. In timber frame construction a vapour control layer should be introduced in order to make your building airtight. Overlaps in these membranes should be sealed using an airtight tape such as SIGA Sicrall 60. This single sided high performance tape is extremely reliable and is hand tearable meaning it saves time when applying. This roll measures 60mm x 40m and is water repellent. When using a product such as DUPONT TYVEK Airguard reflective airtight membrane, a metallic airtight tape should be used. DUPONT introduced a product that works well with airguard reflective and this is the TYVEK metallised tape. This tape is highly adhesive and is perfect for bonding around penetrations, pipework windows and doors. This tape measures 75mm x 25m.

When installing a vapour control layer such as SIGA Majpell 5, is can be difficult to make it bond to hard substrates without penetrating the layer (which may affect the airtightness levels). SIGA Have introduced a double sided adhesive tape called SIGA Twinet. This product ensures a simple and quick installation without using staples, it can be applied to various surfaces such as wood, hard wood based panel materials, gypsum fibreboards, plasterbaords, cement fibreboards, metals, hard plastics and concrete, masonry and plaster (SIGA Dockskin primer must be used here). SIGA Twinet has a tearproof backing strip which saves time when applying and it measures 20mm x 50m.

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