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November 13th, 2019

If you are intending to build or renovate and want a wind tight and waterproof building

you  may look no further than The sturdy and rainproof Siga Majvest membrane

This membrane helps in making the building  permanently wind tight.

As you would have imagined the  membrane is for use on  the external .

The SIGA-Majvest has many benifits compared to other brands/types

Including its make up which result in it being  highly tear proof and flexible

Therefore you can lay down the membrane with such ease

The membrane is made using a material that is diffusion-open

This will Lead the area thats covered by the membrane being protected from condensation build up

There are many  specifications for  the membrane which are listed below the picture ;

Image result for siga majvest

  • The Length of each roll is 50m
  • With a Width of 1.5m
  • Resulting in the roll covering an area 75m
  • Roll has a Weight at 22kg
  • Material as noted above has 3 layers a  microporous functional layer, reinforced on both sides with PP fibre-fleece
  • The depth/thickness of the roll is 0.5mm
  • Can with temperatures from -40C to +100C
  • sd value, 0.05m
  • Atmospheric exposure, up to 3 months

Meeting the requirements and Standards Including:

  • Waterproof, W1 according to EN 1928
  • Fire behaviour, class E according to DIN 13501-1

Image result for wigluv tape

The tape used to seal and to secure the membranes joints would be the wigluv

Which come in many different sizes from a 20/40 split to 150mm Widths


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