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December 15th, 2017


I posted an article about the Sicrall tape which is used for sealing around the joints and overlaps in membranes for the interior.

While today I will be talking about the Tyvek Metallised tape this is in a way similar in that it seals the membranes at joints/overlaps.

This Metallised tape is specifically  designed to work along with the breather membranes mainly the DuPont membrane etc

Image result for tyvek tape metallised

 The reason for using the tape is quite simply to ensure the building is sealed properly and that there are no gaps ,

This is to provide air tightness which many new builds want to achieve due to its impressive benefits.

This  tape will work for the long term and it is very strong therefore it should not encounter any problems.

The idea of the airtight building is to feel comfortable when using in that it will not be stuffy or cold

Image result for aIRTIGHT BUILDING

This tape along with this  system will allow for It to be warm when its  cold outside and cold inside when its warm outside allowing the temperature to be kept at a constant  temperature

The tyvek tapes offer a solution to tackle air leakages this will increase the efficiency  of the building as there will be  a reduced amount of heat begin transferred /lost,

This will mean that you will not need your heating on to overcome the losses therefore this will save you money

Due to the tapes excellent adhesion properties under extreme humidity allows for them to be used on  both the interior and external walls .


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