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December 14th, 2017


If you want to achieve an airtight house or building ,it is vital that the system you use is installed correctly for peak performance.

This is were the sicrall tape becomes useful .For a sound system that gets you the best results it is important that you use an airtight/vapor  membrane

We sell many of these membranes including the Dupont,Vario and the Majpell.Which you can view on our website

Image result for membrane inside building airtight majpell

When you put on the membrane you will find that the one roll doesn’t cover all the space on walls etc as the roll will only cover 75m

Therefore you will need to make an overlap for the areas to be covered to seal this overlap you should use an airtight tape

The Sicrall is an airtight tape which works very well due to its single-sided high-performance adhesive

This allows for a permanently airtight in the interior of the building.

The tape will also butt-joints between wood-based panels such as OSB can be easily, quickly and reliably sealed to make them airtight

Image result for membrane inside building airtight majpell


  • Roll: width x length: 60 mm x 40 m
  • Special reinforced paper: Splash-water repellent
  • Hand-tearable
  • Available in Cartons: 10 rolls


  • Extremely strong adhesion – reliable, no building damage
  • Sturdy carrier material – saves time in case of long overlaps
  • Hand-tearable

Image result for sicrall tape

The rolls as you can see above can be bought in cartons they can also come in two sizes that the 60mm and 170mm wide

When bought individually there may be a minimum order depending on what products you are buying

Once the minimum order is reached you will get free delivery

For more information visit the section on our website under airtight tapes

Alternatively you can email us on

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